How Inspiration from a Party Bus Company…

My mother and father worked in a limo shop in Utah that was geared towards making profits, not giving customer value. It was mainly operated at a low margin but provided terrible vehicles. Maybe you do get what you pay for but that was just atrocious what was going on. Riding the party bus seemed as though the engine could go out at any time. The steering wheel needed to be reattached every so often (talk about dangerous), and the seats were definitely deteriorating. They had something against it because although they were not getting paid well (cheap prices, hello), they did not feel as though it was right or deserving of the customers to deal with the problems of this limo company for thirsts for profits. Their consciences told them that they needed out. They still remember a time when a girl’s graduation day was ruined because the wheel on the limo gave in, and she was forced to be embarrassed during graduation. They never forgot that day, because they were the ones driving that girl. That day was the day they called it quits. The limo owner threw a fist in the air but my parents knew that they could not willingly serve the consumers poorly. With the little money they had, they decided to work again to earn a living but a company owner from Utah who owned the company, Party Buses Utah, showed them about how, similar to my parents, he had a bad situation with his previous business partner, and with little money, started his party bus company, which was booming. This got my parents thinking…..

The Abraxas Agency Blog

This new blog will talk about the beauty of my agency and all the adventures that we ran through to get to where we were. We started as a simple mom-and-pop shop and have since then grown to resemble one of the biggest agencies in the state of Montana. What I will tell to you will inspire within you something that cannot be replaced elsewhere, unless that place deals with greatness. For all who believe in us will see what we did to get to where we are not and see how are enemies faulted where we excelled and ended up beingĀ at their current condition.